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 Our Team 

Maximo Quinones
Maximo Quinones
Roy Campbell
Roy Campbell
Jose Quinones
 Managing PArtner
 Jose Quinones


DVG Diamonds has been a leader in the diamond industry for over 35 years.    We strive to supply loose diamonds and jewelry fabrication services of exceptional value to our retail partners.  Our global network of retailers rely on our vertically integrated distribution channels for the highest quality of loose diamonds for their discerning clientele.  Our design and fabrication team also works to create the most uniquely beautiful jewelry using our extensive loose diamond inventory.  The combination of exceptional loose diamond inventory and complete jewelry fabrication services has, over the past decades,  made DVG an industry leader and our retail partners very successful.  we believe in and cherish our quality, Integrity, and our relationships:


We believe that quality is essential to the value we create for our retail partners.  Whether it be in exceptional loose diamond or a unique handmade jewel, we understand that quality in goods and craftsmanship are directly proportional to our clientele's success.  It is for this reason that we have, from our beginnings, created a loose diamond inventory replete with perfectly shaped and beautifully proportionate Diamonds.  After all, the true inner beauty of a diamond is only revealed with optimal diamond cutting.  And only the finest quality in fabrication can complete the presentation of a diamond's eternal sparkle. This dedication to the highest quality in loose diamonds and fabrication services will be DVG Diamonds' legacy. 


Over the past decades, we have built our reputation by keeping our promises and conducting ourselves with the highest levels of respect.  We have, and continue to, build trust with fairness and humility.  Our standards for business ethics have always been set remarkably high, beyond legal compliance. the Timeless traditions of the diamond industry still live in our modern offices; Where we trade the stones that are as enduring as our promise to uphold and cherish our company's integrity.     


Our retail partners are globally positioned and are an essential part of the downstream distribution of diamonds. Our long term commitment to them is to support them with the finest loose diamond inventory along with complete fabrication services in order that they may continue to grow and exceed their business goals.  

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